"I've always loved fitness but something was always missing.. I could never really stick with a routine. I would go hard for to weeks then quit for a month or two. The Lab is that missing piece and so much more. i am so incredibly grateful and thankful for such a welcoming space I get to call my second home. I can be myself, I don't ever feel judged. I feel supports and encouraged. I work hard and I have fun. So much love to you beautiful women (and Chris too!) Woo woo!!"

- Hailey


"I had always been reluctant to jump on the "yoga train" for whatever reason but decided to try it after running into Joelle and Maegan a couple of weeks ago. I'm so glad I did!!! Being brand new to yoga, I love all the different types of classes offered and how they all compliment each other. 
TRX is a Killer workout and look forward to being good at it soon!! Thanks Joelle and Maegan!!"

- Patti


"I've struggled with my weight for 20 years. I've been to numerous gyms. This is a place where I feel safe and cared about as a person. The wonderful instructors and variety of classes have made me feel strong, mind and body."

- Natalie


"A wonderful community of people with decades of knowledge behind them! Joelle and Maegan are the sweetest and most passionate instructors I have ever met they live what they believe and can inspire any member to reach their own potential!"

- Brad


"Awesome TRX workout with the always encouraging Joelle! I am sore but man it feels so good to FEEL STRONG again. Thanks Joelle! Can't wait for the next TRX workout! "

- Colleen


"Thanks to Evonne and Maegan for a great spin and yoga class!!! Burned a few calories and had a great cool down with Yoga. Evonne thank you for setting up my bike so I now have the numbers 8, -2 and 2!! Thank you to Maegan for allowing me to enjoy Yoga it is a quiet and personal path like a continuous path of self-discovery. Thanks ladies for a great start to the day."

- Carol


A welcoming and amazing place to get fit. They offer tons of classes at a variety of times and dates. It is a very comfortable and welcoming environment and provides a atmosphere where you want to keep coming back too !

- Mel


"GREAT instructors!!! you can literally feel the energy..Joelle and Meagan are awesome!! I did the gliding class and yoga.. Have a whole new respect for working out besides lifting weights. They made it very fun!!This gym will be a huge success I'm sure of it!!"

- Lori

By far, one of the best fitness studios I have ever been to!! If you're looking to get fit, but also in a beautiful, unique and motivating environment- you need to try out The Energy Lab! Ill be honest, I've tried gyms and yoga studios and sometimes its hard to get motivated to go, but ANY of the classes at The Energy Lab will want you coming back for more!
The 30min Spin classes for example are amazing and honestly are like no other! The room is filled with an exciting energy and is in a darker room setting, with "night club" lights and energetic music that makes you feel amazing during and after each class. Each person gets a cold towel (which is awesome) and the instructors are all phenomenal. A must try! 
I keep coming back everyday to any of their many yoga/pilates/trx/spin classes and so happy I got introduced to this club!
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I am loving everything about The Energy Lab and every time I walk out of that space I feel lifted. Your presence in Niagra is a gift.