4 week Session STARTS Oct 23rd

Tuesdays 1045-1130am

Investment: $59.99

This 4-week series is the perfect blend of fitness and will focus on building strength and flexibility. A perfect opportunity to give new mom’s a chance to focus on themselves!  The classes will be carefully constructed to support a women’s post partum body and at the same allow her to build strength challenge herself.  The session will be 90 percent focused on mom’s and 10 percent on baby.


The program is divided into 4 sessions:


Week 1 : Mom and Baby Yoga- This class is going to be laying the ground work for body awareness for the upcoming weeks with concentration on pelvic floor health and abdominal work to support the lower back (as baby grows and gets heavier!) We will also sing songs and include baby in exercises.


Week 2: Barre with BabyThis is a leg work-out using the ballet barre (don’t worry no dance experienced required!) The class will be set to music and utilize weights and gliders to ensure we get a great sweat going! Want to add baby instead of weights? Sure!

 * Be sure to bring a baby carrier if you would like to dance with baby 😊


Week 3: Abs, Arms and Baby: This class will use weights and gliders and focus on the upper body and core. Using light free weights we will concentrate on stabilizing the core drawing up through the pelvic floor and getting that great upper body work-out, which will come in handy as your baby grows!

*Be sure to bring a baby carrier if you would like to bench press your baby as well 😊


Week 4: Iron Baby Yoga: This will combine yoga with weights. Concentrating on legs, core and arms for a total body sweat while at the same time, becoming zen!

*Be Sure to bring a baby carrier if you would like baby to be your “weights” 😊



Pilates Small Group

4 week session starts Oct 20th

Saturdays 845-915am

PLAY core with Judi by using SPRINGWALL Pilates equipment. Small group training (3 person max) is a great way to get personal training at a discounted rate!
This workout is designed to add a new challenge to the traditional Pilates exercises by incorporating spring resistance with tough to hold positions. Exercises are done keeping proper form and alignment that is easy on your joints and can be used for working your whole-body with an emphasis on the coreπŸ”₯. These classes will develop core strength, help improve posture, and offer variety to your fitness regime! After your personalized session, you'll feel stronger, more flexible and balanced! πŸ’ͺπŸ™
4 week program for only $55!
Saturday session starts Oct 20th  845-915am