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30 Day Yoga Challenge

Starts April 1st

This is a personal challenge and completing any amount of classes is still a success! Set your own goal if 30 seems daunting! (You’ll still be in the running for prizes just by joiningπŸ˜‰)


More yoga classes added to the schedule:
Try new classes , get out of your comfort zone and be open to trying different styles of yoga! We will be adding new styles of yoga classes and express yoga classes (30 mins)!


What classes count?
Any 30,45, 60 min yoga class on our schedule counts! Also combo classes that include yoga such as SpinYoga & Triple threat.


How do I track my classes?
Each time you finish a class, place a decal in the row beside your name on the yoga challenge board hanging across from the Yoga Lab.

If you miss a day:
Double up! Take 2 classes in 1 day and place 2 small decals for both classes. If you get behind and can't catch up, don't give up simply set a new goal for yourself!


3 Prize Packs:
1st place to the yogi who completes the most classes within the 30 days (if there is a tie the winner will be randomly selected)
2nd draw for those who completed 20+ classes
3rd draw for everyone who participates!

Commit to the challenge with a friend! Hold each other accountable


This challenge is for everybody! For the newest of beginners to the experienced yogi. Everybody and every body will gain something from this experience!πŸ™βœ¨

Why you should participate :
-Personal growth
-Push yourself to new limits
-Explore your practice
-Evolve in your practice
-Opportunity to try different yoga classes you normally wouldn’t!
-Reduce stress
-Physical benefits: flexibility & strength
-Connect with yourself and others



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